Pain Management

Ancient Practices For Modern Times

Our mind is strongest healer for our body, keeping it in the best health possible, provided we let it. Unfortunately, we let our senses lead the mind instead. 

Luckily, proven by cutting edge research today, some ancient practices help activate evolutionary neural pathways that allow our mind to take the lead and start diverting its energy into returning the body to its natural state round the clock.

At Prana Zone, we are committed to helping you receive benefits that this ancient art, backed by science, brings to you. These practices have helped millions worldwide. 

My name is Priyanka Varma and I am a Yoga Therapist-in-Training, certified Medi Cupping Expert, Pilates instructor and an energy worker who combines the best of ancient eastern tools and cutting edge western scientific researches, in promoting natural healing for you.  I have helped veterans, kids, adults and elderly across Sonoma County and globally. We would like you to be part of that journey with us whether it is pain or stress that is bothering you or if you just are looking for overall wellbeing.

Pain Management the Prana Zone Way

 At Prana Zone we believe that human brain is the biggest gift of evolution. Not only does it help us navigate the world around us, but also governs the activities inside our bodies, without us knowing, healing it round the clock, thwarting external attacks of sickness, keeping it in the best health possible. However, with the amount of mental activity and stress around us in modern times, we hardly allow it the bandwidth to heal our body. In addition, with the amount of stimulus received today, we have unknowingly taught our senses to take the lead instead, and learnt to suppress the mind’s natural ability to refresh our body effectively with each breath. 

Today, we unknowingly allow our senses to govern it instead of the other way round. All beings in animal kingdom evolved that way as survival depended on the stimulus received by our senses. While millions of years of evolution happened that way, us humans, as an exception, have been gifted the ability to recognize that and flip the switch to put our mind in the driver’s seat. Many ancient practices including exercises, postures and breath patterns activate right evolutionary neuro-triggers that allow our mind to start governing the senses better and start diverting its energy into returning the body to the state it is supposed to be!

I strongly believe that while pain is inevitable, Yoga provides tools that train your nervous system to allow you to manage it in a way that you can either become pain free or handle it way more effectively. If you are tired of living with chronic pain or even if you want to prevent recurrence or plain & simple build functional fitness, strength and flexibility and you want to help your medical regimen, you would be an ideal person to benefit from this. 

Several researches are beginning to understand and explain how Yoga is training of the mind and nervous system to streamline your body from the inside out.

Cutting edge science researches from Harvard, MIT, NIH, Indiana Institute and several others are discovering how certain postures and practices train the entire nervous system, trigger hormonal regulation for internal organ health while building functional strength and flexibility in musculoskeletal system. I integrate ancient practices with newer physiotherapeutic techniques to bring a holistic pain management experience that works with the problems of modern times.

Modern science has proven how our evolutionary neurological layout governs our behavior and life. It is now also starting to show how we can manage that neurological layout itself (Ref: Polyvagal theory by Dr Steven Porges). Cutting edge research and results from thousands of years of ancient practices have proven that it is not only possible to improve our overall wellbeing, but also govern certain aspects of our autonomous nervous systems. Us humans have been designed to be able to put our minds above our bodies.

Part of what makes chronic pain such a challenge is that it not only hurts physically, but also mentally and emotionally. It eats away at your motivation, resolve, and strength until all that’s left is a nagging depression, a relentless feeling of hopelessness, and a wave of grief for the vibrant and productive person you used to be. “Pain is inevitable, suffering is optional”- Buddhist proverb. Pain is a small part of you, it doesn’t define you and is not the WHOLE YOU.

I support people by coaching them to manage their pain and be their most comfortable selves by walking their pain management journey with them. I use my knowledge of the body and mind-body connection to relieve pain and to gently build strength.

While most people relate Yoga to postures, which indeed is the most ‘visible’ tenet of Yoga, it is only tip of the iceberg. Whether you have never heard of Yoga or Pilates or if you are expert practitioner, regardless of your age, I will meet your body and its pain at the level you are at and build a personalized regimen for you to bring relief!

I invite you to meet your body where it is and guide it with me to where you want it to be!

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It’s not about being good at something.
It’s about being good to yourself.

Prana Zone 

Meet Your Body Where It Is;
Guide It To Where You Want It To Be

Prana Zone

Breath is Joy

 Life energy, Chi, Qi (), Ki, Prana (प्राण – lit. Life), Mazel, Ka, The Light, Vitality, etc. they are all the same thing. It is the energy that turns ‘intention’ into ‘action’, Energy that keeps the chemical exchanges that keep electricity of the heart on (SA node), the brain signals in the neurons firing (Synaptic exchange), one that keeps us ‘energetic’, elated, one that is integral to the nervous system, one that keeps rivers following, earth moving, sun burning, galaxies spinning… all pervasive. It’s what ‘leaves’ when we leave this fragile body. The interface to control this all-pervasive energy in favor of your body has been provided to us via the breath. Prana is defined as “breath, considered as a life-giving force”, which really defines what we do here at Prana Zone. 

We believe that mastering your breathing will improve your overall well-being, guaranteed. Why ignore exercising that prana (Pranayama, प्राणायाम), when we focus so much in exercising this body? You do breathe almost every other second in the day, thousands of times any way, might as well do it consciously and deeply for few minutes! 😊 Do it as a habit and watch your life and outcomes around you change! Techniques are abundant, qi gong, tens of pranayama, deep breathing, chanting, or plain and simple singing/laughing etc. Try all of the above and adopt a couple. Try it, what do you have to lose? If you want to try, reach out to us!

Yoga can be whatever you want it to be: a fitness goal. A spiritual investigation. The means to an end, or the start of a great adventure!

We meet you where you are. Group classes, where you can explore yoga, find your pace, meet new friends, and have some laughs. Private sessions, where I focus on your individual health needs. 

Want to do a group gathering? Got a classroom full of kids who could use some mindfulness? We’ve got you covered!

We’ve got Zoom as well as in-person classes, Private Lessons, Group Private Lessons, Special Event Sessions!

We will get you where you want to go!

Praise For Prana Zone

Breath Is Joy

It’s not about being good at something.
It’s about being good to yourself.