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Pain is debilitating, crippling and unfortunately inevitable. Sooner or later we all experience it, physically or emotionally. We at Prana Zone, help people manage it most effectively using a combination of cutting edge pain management techniques and ancient practices that have stood the test of time. We know how hard it is and we are here for you to help you achieve goals that are important to you, regardless of your current fitness level. We want to help as many of you out there who are open to using such methods in conjunction with the current medical plan that you may be pursuing, to help you achieve your fitness and pain management goals! We use and teach techniques that help you take charge of your pain mentally, physically and emotionally and bring vitality with each mindful breath. Do reach out to us!

Priyanka & Anupam Varma

Priyanka Varma, M.S., RYT-500

Co-Founder | Pain and Stress Management Coach, Healing facilitator, Speaker and Educator

Hello! I am Priyanka and I am RYT-500 (registered with Yoga Alliance), have expertise in Yoga for Arthritis and Chronic Illnesses, Restorative Yoga, Adaptive Yoga, Kids’ Yoga, Yoga for Seniors, Meditation, Pilates, Medi-cupping, Sound Therapy, and Energy Healing. I am currently pursuing a certification in Yoga Therapy, through Integral Yoga Institute, San Francisco, recognized by IAYT (International Association of Yoga Therapist). 

I live with my family in Sonoma County, CA. My roots come from a place where Yoga was born thousands of years ago, and I have lived and grown with it as a ‘way of life’. However, as is with some people, I took that invaluable gift for granted and slowly drifted away from it while I was away getting college education in the early 90s, with degrees in Statistics and Population Sciences, trying to join the real-world race. 

20+ years later, at a very difficult and overwhelming time in my life, I started my regular practice and sought a formal training in Yoga. That’s when I realized what it truly feels like to ‘return home’. I lost my mom during COVID and these practices have helped me process through my grief and find my peace.

During the course of my training, I realized that I love spreading the love and joy of Yoga and am eager to use the tools that have stood the test of time for thousands of years to help you manage your pain and stress better and heal.

I combine ancient eastern tools and western scientific research in promoting natural healing for you, leading to a holistic well-being. I have helped veterans, kids, adults and seniors across Sonoma County and globally through this combination, to manage their pain, stress, anxiety and issues related to past trauma and present challenges, with very effective results. I love to dance and my love for dance has led me to create a fusion class of Bollywood dance and yoga, which I offer occasionally.

I invite you to meet your body where it is and guide it with me to where you want it to be!

Can’t wait to meet you!

Anupam Varma

Co-Founder | Healer, Blogger and Educator

Hi! My name is Anupam and I am an engineer by profession! However, my story is that of a person whose life transformed forever with the unique combination of a few modern techniques and specific ancient practices. My source of inspiration is this journey, and I along with my wife Priyanka want to bring the same for you!

Christmas of 2012, I suffered a neck injury that had two of my vertebral discs sequestered. Pieces of those had slipped into my spinal cavity. This put me in perpetual pain. My right hand was immobile, and it would feel ice cold and very heavy all the time. I was bed ridden with highest doses of narcotics, pain killers and nerve meds, for 2 months. Surgery to replace the discs with artificial ones and a metal bracket inside to hold vertebrae together was the option presented to me to alleviate pain and get me moving and get on with life. But it also came with some movements permanently restricted. That is when I discovered the wonders of these ancient practices that have not only alleviated my pain, but also have brought me to best health I have ever had before!

Along with some Yogic techniques, I learnt meditation that brought me benefits that have transformed my life forever. This transformation has inspired my wife and I to establish Prana Zone and bring these benefits to you! 

Looking forward to seeing you!